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Veggie Oil Powered Olympia Ice Cleaner



This ice cleaner originally came to Western Turbo and Fuel Injection with a
propane injected Chevy 305 V8. Western Turbo swapped out the motor with a
Chevy 6.5L diesel that runs on waste vegetable oil. The machine now keeps The
Forks River Trail clean during the winter months in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


The good thing is that you don't mind the smell of the exhaust.  The bad thing is that you're always hungry.  Fries anyone?


This is the first time out on the ice for the machine with the new motor replacement.


First time hard on the throttle for the veggie oil system.


Second time on the throttle in cold weather for the veggie oil system.  Good thing there's no speed limit on the river.


My diesel BMW is running like a clock. No sign of oil leaking. Thank you for a job well done. - Gerry

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