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Stanadyne Fuel Conditioner (only OEM Approved additive)


Standayne diesel fuel additives are the only additives in the world that are:

1. Made by a fuel systems manufacturer

2. Tested and approved by major diesel engine and vehicle manufacturers
3. Proven to perform best in independent tests


As a major manufacturer of diesel fuel injection equipement for over 50 years, Stanadyne is familiar with fuel related issues such as water in fuel, low lubrication, and the on going problem of low cetane values in North American diesel fuels. Stanadyne Performace Formula lubricates fuel system components to help prevent wear caused by low lubricity fuels, increases cetane valves to help starting, reduce smoke, increase power and as well as increased fuel economy.

By now you have heard of Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel (ULSD), also refered to as S15, which has been in use in the on-highway applications throughout North America since October 2006. Starting Dec 1, 2010, only ULSD will be available for all on- and off- highway applications. It's use is also spreading to many other parts of the world.

In addition to mineral based diesel, diesel fuels can also be made from renewable resources such as Canola oil and Soybeans creating what is commonly refered to as Biodiesel. As with all fuels, both ULSD and Biodiesel have thier advantages and disadvantages, Performance Formula provides cold weather protection by reducing the fuel pour point by up to 40F, provides water separation benefits with biodiesel blends up to B20, lubricates system components and is suitable for use with all fuel system types including common rail. 



Performance Formula



Performance Formula is the premium all season, multi-function diesel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem

  • meets all fuel system requirements
  • approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM'S)
  • hot and cold weather protection
  • increases horsepower
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • easier and faster starting
  • reduces smoke and particulate emissions
  • cleans and protects your fuel system
  • reduces wear
  • stabilizes fuel
  • contains no alcohol
  • helps remove water
  • one 470mL bottle will treat 235 L fuel

Lubricity Formula



Lubricity Formula is an extra strength lubricity improver that contains 5 times more lubricant than other additives

  • cleans and protects injectors and all fuel systems
  • demulsifies water for filter/separator efficiency
  • recommended where excessive wear is a problem
  • contains no alcohol
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