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Crossfire Air Equalization System

Crossfire Air Equalization System is a dual tire pressure valve that fills both tires at once and maintains equal air pressure in both inner and outer tires.  It has multiple pressure ratings for different applications; backflow valve to keep air in one tire if case of single tire blow outs; easy to read display that lets you see air pressure at a glance; helps fight tire wear due to improperly filled tires; no more fighting with that frustrating inner tire valve.

Engine Shut Down Systems

Universal Shut Down systems have different options, one will sound an alarm to tell you to shut down, and the other will automatically shut down the motor when coolant temperature gets too high or oil pressure drops too low. The kits include the alarm control module, oil pressure and coolant temperature sensors that tie into your current wiring.

Fan Blades and Clutches

Cooling fans for automotive, racing, heavy truck and industrial applications. Direct bolt-on and universal aftermarket fans available whether single or double electric fans, belt driven blades, Flex-a-lite has something for your needs. Fan clutches and oil coolers also available for many applications either OEM or custom.

Programmable Glow Plug Controller

The WTFI06 Programmable Glow Plug Controller was designed and built by Western Turbo technicians and consists of a micro- processor based module and a temperature mounted on the engine. During the start process it measures engine temperatures and the data programmed into the module to calculate the optimum glow plug "on" time. It will also calculate if afterglow is required and also how many cycles of it after the engine is started.

Our tech's will program the module with data specific to your engine and glow plug combination. The data is permanently retained and does not need power to maintain memory. This module is reprogrammable and can be done so at any time if necessary.


My diesel BMW is running like a clock. No sign of oil leaking. Thank you for a job well done. - Gerry

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